Магнитола soundmax инструкция

Thank you for purchasing our product. Table of contents TABLE OF CONTENTS Important safeguards Read carefully through the manual to familiarize yourself with this unit. Keep this manual handy as a reference for operating procedures and precautions. Do not allow persons who have not read through this manual to use this unit. Receiver Front panel Protective case Remote controller ISO connector Mounting parts: Nut Магнитола soundmax инструкция Screw Metal strap Release key Rubber 7. Before finally installing the unit, connect the wiring and make sure that the unit works properly. Consult with your nearest dealer if installation requires the Dismantling the unit Turn off the device. Remove the front panel and place it into the case. First remove the front frame of the device by inserting a flat магнитола soundmax инструкция e. Reverse pink 7 4. Rear left + speaker green 5. Parking wire brown 6. Front left магнитола soundmax инструкция speaker white 9. Front right + speaker grey 11. Auto antenna blue 12. Rear right + speaker purple Reverse driving cable connection If the rear view video camera is connected, the unit automatically switches to camera picture during reverse driving. The магнитола soundmax инструкция returns to the original work mode after the reverse driving is done. AV input 10 Inner panel 1. Panel status indicator 2. RESET button hole 3. Panel status indicator lights up when you slide the panel down, flashes when you remove the panel. UP cursor button 4. LEFT cursor button 7. DOWN cursor button 8. Digit buttons Changing the battery 1. Press the catch and at the same time pull out the battery tray pic. Insert the 1 lithium battery, type CR2025 3V battery with the stamped магнитола soundmax инструкция mark facing upward. Insert the battery tray into the remote controller pic. POP equalizer mode indicator 7. ROCK equalizer mode indicator 8. CLASS equalizer mode indicator 9. FLAT equalizer mode indicator 10. Intro playback indicator 11. In any mode touch MENU in the right top corner of the screen or press MENU магнитола soundmax инструкция on the RC to магнитола soundmax инструкция the Main menu as shown in the picture. REGION: REG ON the receiver accepts regional variants of the tuned station with REG icon turned onand REG OFF the receiver ignores regional variants. During MASK DPI Note: if you forget your password, there is no possibility to reset the password again. Do not forget your password and write it down or store the password in a safe place. Rating: The Rating control level is for parents to control playing content and protect your children from violence and erotic. Radio operations User interface of Radio mode When the unit is switched to Radio mode, the touchable interface will be displayed on the display. In the PTY list, touch a program type to start its магнитола soundmax инструкция. Press these buttons repeatedly to select a frequency downward or upward step by step. When TA is on, the TA displays on TFT, or else, if there is no TP information, the mode will магнитола soundmax инструкция TP station automatically. When TA is playing, the volume will be adjusted to a TA level automatically. When TV operations Connect a TV antenna to the TV antenna jack of the unit. Capacity: up to 16 Gb. Avoid using memory cards of unknown brands. Capacity: up to 16 Gb. Touch to select disc subtitle language. Touch to select disc audio language. Touch to go to the disc root menu. You can also touch and icons to adjust the monitor tilt and title. Touch to go to the next file list page. Touch to go to folder selection. Touch to decrease volume. Touch to increase volume. Touch to stop playback. With each pressing playback speed will increase. While fast playback, OSD setting for DVD When video is played, press and hold OSD button to access the on-screen menu in which you can adjust color parameters brightness, contrast etc. Choose the desired item. Handling compact discs Do not insert anything other than магнитола soundmax инструкция CD into the CD loading slot. Do not use магнитола soundmax инструкция, chipped, warped, or otherwise damaged discs as they may cause skipping or noise damage the player. Handle the disc only by the edges as shown in the picture. To keep discs clean do not Troubleshooting guide Below is a table describing simple measures that can help you eliminate most problems likely to emerge when this unit is in use. If below measures do магнитола soundmax инструкция help, turn to a service center or to the nearest dealer. Symptom Cause Solution No power The car ignition is not on. If the Temperature inside the car is too high. Cool off until the ambient temperature returns to normal. The built-in microcomputer is not operating properly. Reset the unit with the help of RESET button. Front panel is not properly fix into its place. Install the front panel properly. TA TP AF PTY POP ROCK CLASS FLAT 12. MUTE MOD SETTINGS, - Магнитола soundmax инструкция Bass Treble Balance Fader Beep Area: Stereo:. Local: : : : Flat, Classic, Pop, Rock. Retune S:Retune-L —TA SEEK 90 PI: PI sound:. AF DualMASK ALL. TA SEEK, TA ALARM,General :. TA AF,MASK DPI. TARetune L: PI. PTYPTY. AUTO PROGRAM System: Audio: Search: MANUAL PROGRAM Storage: System: Audio: Channel: Fine: Memory: Manual Program. DVD ANGLE DVD.

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